By all stretch of the imagination, Bra Bro is a hilarious initiative!
The initiative is all about disseminating knowledge about the world of bras to gentlemen who need a little help in the department. We get it, understanding how these marvelous pieces of intricately designed underwear work can be a challenge for many. But we are still unable to make up our mind whether this initiative gets our thumbs up or down. But one thing is for sure, it definitely caught our attention!
It talks to men in the language they understand the best and it comes at an ideal time, Valentine’s Day!. Bra Bro helps lingerie challenged men unstrap a world of knowledge while keeping it light and fun.
Are you ready to join the Bra-therhood?
They have a Braducate Quiz
There’s yet another Creepy Quiz too.
But that’s not all! There is Braclopedia
Aaah… with our (un)limited knowledge.. we recommend these Fabraas

Author: Team Hoppingo