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Chetali Chadha, a makeup lover, fashion enthusiast, and trusted product reviewer with 391K subscribers, shares her expertise on the social media platform- YouTube. She has a wealth of experience in the fashion and beauty industry which she brings to her reviews.

She recommends products based on their effectiveness, suitability for different skin types, and does not let the prices of the products limit or influence her reviews. There is another blog featuring Chetali Chadha in our beauty section, where she discusses 25+ Best Skincare Products According To Chetali Chadha.

In her video, Chetali discusses some of her favorite body care products out of everything new she had tried out this year. As Chetali lives in Delhi, she shares with her followers her body care experience during winters and how some products helped her take care of her skin.

There are a variety of different bodycare products that can be used to improve overall skin health and appearance. Some of the most popular products include body wash, moisturizers, exfoliators, body oil, body butter. It is important to choose a product that is specifically designed for your skin type and needs, as some may be more effective than others. The list of top best bodycare products according to Chetali Chadha includes her favourites for bodycare.


Best Bodycare Products – Plum Vanilla Vibes Body Oil

Price: INR 550/-

The product is nearly empty, which shows how much Chetali loved using it. Chetali shares that the product has a lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky kind of formula. Something Chetali likes about the oil are you don’t have to keep rubbing it on your skin. Just a little bit of massage and it seeps into your skin easily. 

Chetali tells, she applied it in the morning after showering, and she didn’t feel the need to reapply anything. This proves how nourishing it is. Chetali even shares, during the winter, especially in December she would apply Plum vanilla vibes body oil directly, but now as the winter is subsiding, she adds the oil to her moisturizer, then massage it nicely into her skin.

It is a blend of various oils- Sunflower, Avocado, Coconut, Grape-seed, Sweet Almond, and Carrot oils.

This product has a very soft and pleasing Vanilla cupcake kinda fragrance.

If you are looking for something lightweight and have dry skin, which irritates you in winters, Chetali recommends you try it.

Best Bodycare Products – Moms Co Body Butter

Price: INR 699/-  200 GMS

Another product with lightweight properties gets easily absorbed into the skin. Chetali shows, that she finished the product as she enjoyed using it. 

It contains cocoa and sea butter, which nourishes the skin incredibly well. If you have dry and flakey skin, this product is going to do wonders for your skin.

Best Bodycare Products – Dot & Key Damask Rose Body Lotion

Price: INR 595/-  300ML

Chetali states this product is perfect for both winters and summers. A hydrating, Hyaluronic acid, Damask, Rose, and Lavender body serum lotion. 

Another product with a lightweight formula, Chetali takes some lotion at the back of her hand to show its consistency. It gets absorbed into the skin rapidly.

 She loved using this product with Plum vanilla vibes body oil as it nourishes the skin well.

She will be using the Dot & key damask rose body lotion in the summers as well.

Chetali highly recommends this product to her viewers.

Best Bodycare Products – Dove Crushed Macadamia Body Polish

Price: INR 699/-  298 GMS

Chetali reveals, she likes to exfoliate her body once in 10 days and likes using a gentle physical exfoliation. This product is loved by her very much. 

The good thing about this is that it is not harsh on the skin like the other scrub products. It is rather gentle and a small amount of it enough to go exfoliate yourself. 

She shares, this product isn’t dry at all, it feels like you are applying a cream, then washing it off, gently.

Chetali says, she doesn’t rub her skin too much and does the scrubbing part for about 30 to 45 seconds with a delicate hand. She exhibits the texture of the Dove crushed macadamia body polish and demonstrates the smoothness and tender property of it.

A creamy body polish you can use and the results are amazing. It exfoliates your skin very easily, so it is recommended by Chetali.

Best Bodycare Products – Earth Rhythm Butter Cream Soap

Price: INR 599/- 180 ML

Chetali calls this product a complete killer. It is a filter coffee with a coffee seed oil product. 

She shares she had never tried any buttercream soaps, but she enjoyed using this enormously. She is going to repurchase it once this finishes because she can’t stop using it for its creaminess and spreadability. 

Your body won’t feel stripped out. It will rescue your skin from feeling dry during the winter season. As for the beautiful and soft fragrance, it smells like coffee. Something which would still linger around after you have had your bath.

 if you love coffee-based products, this is something you are going to love, so why not try it.

Best Bodycare Products – Dove Body Wash

Price: INR 115/- 190 ML

A product very run-off-the-mill and affordable, and quite nourishing. 

Chetali thought why not try the Dove body wash since she liked the body soap as well.

This would help your skin stay normal and prevent it from drying. 

Best Bodycare Products – Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash

Price: INR 135/-  250 ML

Another affordable and amazing product. Chetali shares how she liked the pears soap well she had bought along but she enjoyed using the Pears pure & gentle body wash more. She recommends her viewers to try this product.

Best Bodycare Products – Nykaa Wonderlust Almond Milk Body Butter

Price: INR 550/-  200 ML

Chetali suggests this product to those who have combination skin and doesn’t get dry too easily. This product is lighter than the Moms co body butter and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It has a soft vanilla-almond fragrance to it.

Chetali shares, she enjoyed using this product the same as the Moms co body butter.

As she had emptied the Moms co-product, she demonstrate how smoothly and nicely the Nykaa wanderlust almond milk body butter gets absorbed into the skin

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