When building your beauty arsenal, your mind ventures towards bath essentials and products that need to be included. These products are intended to be used for bathing, showering, cleaning or moisturizing, and exfoliating.

We have curated a product list of the best bath essentials for you with expert recommendations to help you decide which ones to select for your arsenal.

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Body Scrub

What is a body scrub?

A body scrub is an exfoliator, meant for removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin with exfoliating ingredients, like sugar, salt, coffee, Dried walnut skin etc.

This exfoliation action stimulates the skin cells and increases circulation, resulting in revealing smoother and brighter skin. This softens your skin and allows a fresh layer of skin cells to emerge.

How to select the best body scrub?

If you have sensitive skin or too much dead skin and want to exfoliate frequently, then look for a mild scrub with finer granules.

For rough skin, look for a scrub with larger granules for better scrubbing.

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, select a scrub infused with essential oils or a moisturizing cream base.

How to apply body scrub?

A body scrub is used on clean skin. So always apply body scrub on the skin after having a bath with soap or shower gel. It’s best to use the body scrub once or twice a week. Using it too often will strip the body of essential natural oils.

Is body scrub an absolute must have in the beauty arsenal?

No, body scrub is not a must-have in your beauty arsenal unless you have very rough and dead skin.


Here’s a curated list of Body scrubs for you to get smooth and clean skin.

1.Dove Body Polish

2.MCaffene Raw coffee Bodycsrub

3.Bella Vita Organic Body Scrub

4.Vedic Naturals Watermelon Body Scrub

5.Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Shower Gel

What is a shower gel?

The shower gel is a specially formulated liquid soap-like gel product used for cleaning the body during showers. It is an emulsion of water and detergent base, usually with an added fragrance and color.  and the fragrance from the shower gel lingers on, extending the feeling of goodness for longer.

How to select the best shower gel?

Shower gels can be selected on the basis of your skin type. For dry skin use, a creamy shower gel or body wash with a lighter fragrance. For more oily skin the clear gel-like shower gels work better.

How to apply shower gel?

The best way to use shower gel is on a loofah or shower sponge. The action of scrubbing the loofah on your body creates foam. The foam makes your skin feel pampered,

Wet your washcloth or loofah, then dispense a little bit of shower gel or body wash onto the cloth and scrub on your body for best results. The fragrance from the shower gel lingers on, unlike soap.

Is shower gel an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No, shower gel is not an absolute must-have if you are used to using bathing soaps. However, if you use shower gel, then we have some for you.

  1. Pears Pure and Gentle Shower Gel

2.Lux Shower Gel

3.Nivea Shower Gel Fresh powerfruit

4.Dettol Body Wash and Shower Gel

5.The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

Bubble Bath

What is a bubble bath?

A bubble bath is a soapy liquid that produces a lot of bubbles or foam in your bathing tub on the top surface of your bathwater. Bubble baths form a barrier along the water’s surface, which prevents heat transfer. The more bubbles you have in your bath, the longer the water will retain its heat.

How to select the best bubble bath?

A bubble bath can be selected on the basis of personal fragrance preference as you will be soaking in the fragrance for 20 minutes.

Opt for one that has natural, hydrating oils like jojoba and vitamins like E to moisturize dry skin.

For sensitive skin stay away from ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or silicones.

How to use a bubble bath?

When pouring in your bubble bath, add it slowly and right underneath the running water. The stronger the water pressure, the more bubbles get formed. To increase the suds, rapidly run your fingers through the liquid underneath the tap, add more bubble bath before turning off the tap. Soak yourself for about 15-20 minutes to get full health benefits.

Is bubble bath an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No, a bubble bath is not essential in your beauty arsenal unless you like soaking in the bathtub.

Select the best bubbles for yourself from our curated list of bubble baths.

1.Khadi Pure Herbal Organic Bubble Bath

2.Bryan And Brandy New York

3.Kimrica Love Story Bubble Bath

4.The Shower Box Mini Bath Bombs

5.Seyshells Bubble Bath Bombs

Body Butter

What is body butter?

Body butter is a thick deeply moisturizing cream. It has a rich texture and can help you protect your skin from dryness. They help retain moisture to lubricate and nourish the skin.

Body butter typically contains a combination of naturally derived butter like cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter.

How to select the best body butter?

Body butter is specifically formulated for various skin types like normal, dry, and oily skin. Select the body butter best suited to your skin type.

For sensitive skin, choose body butter that is non-comedogenic.

Also, consider your lifestyle. If you have to spend most of your time outdoors, choose one with an SPF.

How to apply body butter?

body butter is only applied to areas on your body other than the face as it has a very heavy texture. It is supposed to be applied in less quantity than body lotion because of its thicker and heavier formulation.

Body butter works great on dry body areas like elbows, knees, hands, legs, neck, and feet.

Is body butter an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, body butter is essential in winters to keep your skin away from dryness. Take your pick from below and enrich your beauty arsenal.

1.Mamaearth Coco Body Butter
2.Himalya Rich Coco Body Butter

3.Earthen Pot Rose Body Butter

4.Wild Cupid Body Butter

5.Mcaffine Coco Body Butter

Body Moisturizer

What is a body moisturizer?

A body moisturizer is a skincare product that helps to retain the moisture in the skin and prevents dryness.

How to select the best body moisturizer?

Moisturizer is always selected based on the skin type. If you have very dry skin opt for a heavier moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, as they help keep skin hydrated. Ingredients like Lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated.

How to apply body moisturizer?

After a shower, pat dry your skin then immediately moisturize. This helps trap water in the cells near the surface of your skin, which is great for hydration.  It is best to moisturize twice a day, once in the morning and once at night unless you have oily skin. This ensures your skin will remain moisturized throughout the day and night.

Is body moisturizer an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes,  a Moisturizer is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal according to skin experts. Choose the one for your skin type from our list.

1.Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer

2.Nivea Body Lotion For Very Dry Skin

3.Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion

4.ST.D’VENCE Winter Care Body Lotion

5.WOW Coconut Oil And Argan Oil Body Lotion

Body Sunscreen

What is a body sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a skin product that blocks and absorbs UV rays through a combination of physical and chemical particles. Physical particles, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are used to reflect UV radiation away from the skin. You should wear sunscreen every day because UV radiation is harmful to your skin.

Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkles, and premature aging.

How to select the best body sunscreen?

One of the primary factors in selecting sunscreen is the SPF, i.e how much UVB can the sunscreen block out. One should opt for a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF, at least 30 or higher.

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with least SPF 30 to protect you from around 97% of UVB rays, whereas an SPF of 50 means protection from about 98% of UVB rays.

For oily skin, make sure that your use a Non-Comedogenic sunscreen, as it will not block pores. For dry skin opt for sunscreens with hydrating ingredients. And for sensitive skin, it’s best to use mineral sunscreens.

How to apply body sunscreen?

A sunscreen’s sun protection factor (SPF) is only fully effective for two hours after you put it on. So use it before stepping out. It’s important to apply sunscreen to any exposed area of skin every day. And if you plan to be in the sun for long hours then reapply the sunscreen.

As a rule of thumb, you should always apply sunscreen as the final step in your skincare routine i.e after moisturizer.

Is body sunscreen an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, Sunscreen is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal. Take a look at some of the sunscreens with the SPF 30 and SPF 50 available on Amazon.

1.Vaseline SPF 30

2.Minimalist SOF 50

3.Biotoque SPF 30

4.Lakme SPF 50

5.Ponds SPF30

Hand Cream

What is a hand cream?

Hand cream is formulated to nourish the skin on the hands. As we wash our hands frequently, it leads to a gradual increase of skin roughness good hand cream will soothe your hands, leaving them soft and supple. It will also repair and undo the damage of neglect on your hands. Creams have a thick consistency and provide a barrier that keeps the skin on the hands hydrated.

How to select the best hand cream?

Selecting the perfect hand cream means selecting the right texture. If you have extremely dry skin then opt for heavier creams. A lightweight formula works for gentle moisturizing. Some hand creams are infused with essential oils.

Opt for products that contain petroleum jelly, ceramides, Hydrulonic acid, and dimethicone, which seal in hydration.

How to apply hand cream?

Immediately apply the cream to dry hands after every wash. This will keep your hands hydrated and soft.

Is hand cream an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, hand creams are essential in your beauty arsenal as they keep your hands soft and moisturized.

Take a look at our curated list to keep your hands soft and smooth.

1.The Body Shop Shea Butter Hand Cream

2.Colorbar Cosmetics Fruitdrop Hand Cream

3.The Body Shop British Rose Hand Cream

4.Oriflame Milk and Honey Hand Cream

5.Dove Nourishing Secrets Hand Cream

Hand Sanitizer

What is a hand sanitizer?

A Hand sanitizer is a gel or liquid that is used to kill microorganisms on the hands. It is a defense against germs, especially in Covid times. It comes in the form of a bottle, spray, or foam. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), using hand sanitizers is an ‘an excellent’ way to clean your hands when you’re not near a sink.

How to select the best hand sanitizer?

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying a hand sanitizer is the alcohol concentration.  Hand sanitizers having alcohol concentrations between 60% – 95% are more effective.

Checking the expiration date of the hand sanitizer is very important as alcohol slowly evaporates with time and your hand sanitizer may slowly become ineffective at fighting germs and other bacteria.

Also, select the size of the sanitizer depending on your usage.

How to apply hand sanitizer?

Take a little hand sanitizer in the palm of your hands and rub your palms together making sure the sanitizer covers the entire hands. Rub till the sanitizer is absorbed by the skin.

Is hand sanitizer an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, sanitizer is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal. There’s a variety of hand sanitizers to choose from, do take a look.

1.Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

2.Solimo Hand Sanitizer

3.Himalya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer

4.Plum Hand Sanitizer

5.Savlon Hand Sanitizer

Foot Cream

What is foot cream?

The foot cream is formulated to keep your feet hydrated and prevent your heels from getting cracked. An athlete’s foot is a common skin infection caused by a fungus, and applying foot cream regularly can prevent that.

Regular use of foot cream ensures smooth and moisturized feet.

How to select the best foot cream?

Foot cream should moisturize feet without leaving them oily or slippery.

If you have dry heels with cracking skin, choose a foot cream with deep moisturizing ingredients.

Foot creams with antibacterial ingredients help to reduce foot odor while anti-inflammatory properties help to control the swelling and relax tired and overworked feet.

How to apply foot cream?

Take a small amount of the foot cream and massage it into your feet using a circular motion till the cream gets absorbed by the skin. Massaging the cream into your feet will improve circulation and relieve tiredness.

Is foot cream an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, Foot cream is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal as they prevent dry feet and cracked heels.


Let’s take a look at Feet prepping tips on Instagram,

Here are some foot creams which can be instantly ordered on Amazon and massaged onto your feet.

1.Plum Foot Cream

2.Khadi Organique Foot Cream

3.Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream

4.Bella Vita Organic Foot Cream

5.Glamveda Hand and Foot Cream

Bath Salt

What is bath salt?

A bath filled with warm water and salt is proven to be one of the best ways to rejuvenate. Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to bathing water.

Minerals found in bath salts are necessary for our health and can actually be absorbed by the body during a warm bath. These salts hydrate the skin and decrease inflammation and pain. They are also known to reduce stress and ensuring better sleep.

How to select the best bath salt?

Always ensure the bath salts are clear. The clearer your bath salts, the fewer additives they have.  Avoid bath salts that clump together in their container.

It is best to opt for natural bath salts. One of the best salts to choose from are Epsome salts or Magnesium Sulphate. Magnesium is an essential mineral for calming the mind and relaxing muscles or Himalayan salt that maintains the skin barrier to keep moisture locked in.

How to use bath salt?

Sprinkle bath salts into a warm bath and allow the salts to dissolve. Soak yourself in the bathtub for about 15-20 minutes.

In case you wish to use them in the shower, sprinkle some bath salts on the shower floor. The hot water and steam from the shower will dissolve the salts and the benefits will get absorbed by your feet.

For a foot soak, take warm water in a basin or bucket and add the bath salts. Soak your feet in this water for about 15 minutes allowing the salts to get absorbed by your feet.

Is bath salt an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No Bath salt is not an absolute must-have unless you like soaking in the tub. And if you do, take a look at these epsome and himalyan salts available on Amazon.

1.Soul Flower Lavender Bath Salts

2Yogafy Rose Bath Salts

3.Mamaearth Epsome Bath Salts

4. Organix Mantra Epsome Bath Salts

5.Kirmica Love Story Bath Salts

Foot Scrub

What is foot scrub?

A foot scrub is an exfoliating skin product for your feet. It prevents cracked heels and keeps your feet skin smooth. It is also useful to remove the callus on your feet.

Apart from removing dead cells and smoothening your feet, It also helps boosts blood circulation.

How to select the best foot scrub?

The most important part of a good foot scrub is the exfoliating ingredient. Ingredients like sugar, salt, nutshells or seeds and even coffee.

All of these ingredients create friction when rubbed into your feet, which in turn helps remove the dead skin. They all work equally as well, but some are gentler than others.

How to apply foot scrub?

Foot scrub can be used a couple of times a month. Soak your feet in warm water and use the foot scrub to exfoliate your feet.  Pat dry and moisturize with a foot cream.

Is foot scrub an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No, a foot scrub is not an absolute must-have. However, if you have calluses or cracked heels then you should make a foot scrub a part of your foot care. Let’s take a look at some foot scrubs available on Amazon.

1.Good Vibes Foot Scrub

2.MCaffiene Coffee Foot Scrub

3.IHA Boroheel Foot scrub Bar

4.Biotique Hand and Foot Scrub

5.Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub


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