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There are lots of quality backpacks available on the market, although most of them appear like they are specifically targeted at men.
While women hardly ever require special “tech” backpacks, there are some of us who prefer having special features like a variety of patterns and colors, a lighter or slimmer design, the capacity to function as diaper bags, or perhaps to give us a trendier look.

Somewhere along the way, backpacks for women have evolved into more stylish and functional accessories. And yes, we love the range of choices now available to us. There are 40,000+ products listed under backpacks for women on Amazon

Awesome looking backpacks are no longer the exclusive domain of high-spirited children, sluggish teenagers, and insomniac college students.

We now have stylish backpacks for women that will comfortably carry a laptop of up to 15-inches width, a MacBook Pro, plus any other requirements for the mobile woman.A mother doesn’t have to worry about carrying three different bag – one for the baby, another for her, and the third for miscellaneous purposes. A sizable terrific bag with three to four compartment will take care of the multiple usage.
Women and mothers can also catch fun through hiking or rural adventure. Traveling has also taken on a whole new look because of a good backpack that can easily accommodate essentials. Are you planning to hit the trail for a lengthy period, to explore distant corners of the world and experience amazing travel adventures?

A reliable backpack is very important for any traveler. There are backpacks with ultra-modern in-built technological features specifically designed for outdoor adventures such as hiking and mountain biking. These functional attributes do not detract from the aesthetic qualities that are meant to still make a woman feel beautiful, elegant and chic.

Just like a trusty travel companion, your backpack will accompany you throughout your entire adventures — local, international, outdoors and urban — so you must ensure that it comes with all the necessary features that will protect the basic necessities you travel with.

Therefore, you need something comfy enough to carry around all day, trendy enough to make you feel confident and attractive throughout your trip and also something big enough to accommodate your essentials, yet lightweight to prevent exerting too much pressure on your back after just a few hours.

That’s why we have put together this curated collection of superior quality travel/outdoor backpacks for women on amazon in India to help easily locate the perfect travel companion. Our choices were carefully made through lengthy research, personal choices, recommendations and suggestions from passionate travellers. Besides these, we also considered brand quality, performance level, durability and more. The major features below helped enabled us make our recommendations.

Things You Should Know About Choosing the Ideal Backpack for Women

A backpack is more than just a great school bag from your past; it is excellent for moving around a new region, hiking, an amusement park, or as a substitute for luggage. Thankfully, this means that we can finally stop carrying an unbalanced burden on a single shoulder or compressing our laptops into an extra-large purse. Instead, we can embrace the versatile, comfortable, and handy backpacks for women. When investing in a female backpack there are some things you ought to consider such as size (would you prefer a small, medium, or large backpack?), features (is it designed for women, is it resistant to water, is it suited to plus-sized ladies?), and your budget.

Things you must consider while buying a backpack for women

  • Capacity

If you’re accustomed to traveling with a regular suitcase on wheels, you can be forgiven for believing that bigger is always better.
Women accustomed to packing heavily for travels will most likely purchase a backpack that is big enough to take all their stuffs in one bag. Therefore, the larger the backpack, the more gear you are inclined to carry, and this will only make it heavier and put burden on you. Of course, when you continue the act of carrying heavy loads on your back for some weeks or even months, things will get tiresome rapidly. Besides, this situation will not do your posture any good! We recommend that you look at backpacks for women that come with a reasonable amount of space without being too big. This will give a compact yet adequate package you can easily lug about on your travels.

  • Opening Style

Front opening, top loader, side zip, drawstring top, (or a mixture of each style) – there are ample options for opening styles on today’s female backpacks. However, for practicality and convenience, we strongly believe that the finest backpacks for women are those with front opening designs, preferably with a zipper that goes around the whole bag. This will allow for easier access to the entire space available and also help you to better organize your belongings.

  • Strap Style

It’s pretty obvious that males and females have different body structures but are you aware that there are now backpacks that come with straps which have been exclusively designed with the female frame/build in mind?
Many backpack brands in India have even gone the extra mile to ensure that these backpacks for women offer maximum comfort, with cushioned straps cut to fit a woman’s figure, and well-padded hip belts that help to distribute the weight equally across her hips and shoulders. This innovation has and will continue to delight adventurous women who don’t wish to get easily tired along the way.
Each bag we have tested and listed here has all the necessary female-friendly features needed to maximize your comfort levels.

  • Durability

Are you looking to invest in a backpack? Of course, you want a guarantee that it will serve you for numerous adventures trips.
Purchasing a backpack is undeniably an investment; therefore, spending some extra funds to make sure that the material used for its manufacture is of superior quality, resilient, water-resistant and long-lasting will go a long way to ensure that you made the right decision. Sturdiness should be a priority when selecting a backpack and so if your top priority for buying a backpack was due attractiveness, you should consider making durability. Our backpack selections are brands that boast durability as well as attractiveness, so you get the best of both worlds!

  • Shape and Torso Size

Your backpack’s shape will determine how well the weight inside is distributed and how easy it is to carry.
The ideal backpack for women ought to have a rectangular or square shape; its frame has to be less broad than your back’s width, with an adjustable back-plate to suit your unique height.
Most female torsos fall between 14 to 18 inches length. So your backpack should be suited to your height and frame.

  • Color

Women love their colors because there is expression of femininity amidst vibrant colors. However attractive you think backpacks with bright colors are, they will bear marks and get dirt quickly and easily.
Avoid getting a backpack that will end up looking grimy easily and select one with a darker pigment.

  • Extra Features

Rain cover, side pockets, compression straps, shoulder straps, detachable day pack – the list of possible additional features seem endless. Just be careful that these added features won’t distract you from the core design and fit.
For instance, side pockets are useful for storing smaller items that you want to access easily – but you will also need to buy lots of bag locks for the safety of those sections especially if you frequently check your backpack underneath a coach/bus or into the cargo hold of an airplane, or for simply moving around a city of foot.

Choose Now!

Once you have chosen one or two from our curated selection of backpacks on Amazon, place your order and you can try them all at home. All of them are rated among the top backpack brands in India so we can guarantee they are made from superior quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Coolest Backpacks for Women

1. PUMA PINK BACKPACK – This is a PUMA backpack. As a foremost sports brand, all PUMA products can stand on the same pedestal as the fastest sportsmen and women on the planet. The brand is recognized for manufacturing products that aid high performance. So we didn’t hesitate to include their top backpack selections for women. However, we didn’t just pick this backpack for its manufacturer, but because of its unique features.

Why We Like It: This backpack for women is made from good quality polyester material. It is the perfect fit for 15’6 laptop size and also water-resistant. It has adjustable straps which makes it the perfect size for women of different heights and frame. It comes with a 90 days warranty.


2. SKYBAGS FIGO PINK CASUAL BACKPACK – Are you looking to hit the college campus or even skip school for an exciting day out in the city, the stylish Skybags casual backpack for women is a must-have. We especially all the features of this backpack because it solves the problems many women face in regards to quality material, adequate space and functionality.

Why We Like It: This strapless backpack for women is laptop compatible, the 10mm soft straps are adjustable for comfort, and the 12 months warranty assures us you are getting the best deal. It also comes with three spacious compartments for storage, including one front zip pocket, side bottle pockets on both sides, and a bottle holder safety loop. Additional features include bottom padding to cushion fragile contents, a file compartment within the main compartment to keep documents, and oneID tag print for identification purpose.


3. SKYBAGS PIXEL GREY CASUAL BACKPACK – another Skybags backpack for hitting the college campus or skipping school for an exciting day out in the city. This is one must-have stylish Skybags casual backpack for women. We especially all the features of this backpack because it solves the problems many women face in regards to quality material, adequate space and functionality. It is made from high-quality polyester material.

Why We Like It: This awesome and authentic backpack is tall and comes with 3 main compartments for item storage and a front pouch for extra convenience. It is water resistant, spacious and lightweight. Suitable for female students and other women.


4. FASTRACK GREY CASUAL BACKPACK – A quality backpack for women made out of durable water-resistant polyester.

Why We Like It: This laptop compatible bag comes with 2 spacious compartments for storage and is compatible for 15 inches laptops.
It is also compact, lightweight and has soft padded adjustable straps designed for even distribution of weight while carrying.


5. UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON YELLOW CASUAL BACKPACK – this brand is popular for giving the best of two worlds we mentioned in our introductory text. This colorful and trendy backpack for women by United Colors of Benetton is a must-have.

Why We Like It: This durable backpack is easy to use. It features 1 roomy compartment which is adequate for your luggage requirements.


6. UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON ORANGE CASUAL BACKPACK – Another stylish and colorful contrast side pocket knapsack by United Colors of Benetton, masters at merging trendiness with effectiveness. This backpack for women is made from a tough, water-resistant polyester material.

Why We Like It: This orange knapsack was designed for the great outdoors.
It has a roomy front compartment and pockets on each side which offer ample room for item storage.

7. LAVIE WOMEN TAN SHOULDER BAG – This backpack from Lavie is super stylish. It has a zip closure. It has a removable printed pouch with a trendy saffiano texture. Snap fastener with a buckle for an aesthetic appeal.

Why We Like It: This durable bag has 1 compartment and 5 pockets. Avoid over-exposing this in sun. It is a compact back pack with a smooth hand feel and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort


8. AMERICAN TORUISTER POP CASUAL POLYESTER BACKPACK – The American Tourister range of laptop-compatible backpacks are designed to cater to all the requirements of the modern era, professional on-the-go with its intelligently crafted interiors and exteriors. This multilevel organiser backpack has some interesting features you will love.
Its inner material is manufactured from long-lasting polyester material.

Why We Like It: This stylish backpack comes with 3 full-sized compartments, back padding, adjustable padded shoulder straps, umbrella /water bottle pouch, and zip closure. It is also water resistant and has a stylised rubber puller.


9. WILDCRAFT PINK BACKPACK – If you aren’t into minimal prints, grab this Junior collection solid backpack with pixel perfect and fruity patterns that make this bag look stylish. It is made from a polyester synthetic material.

Why We Like It: This 2 compartment backpack for women is great for everyday use. It features padded Shoulder Straps, Back Padding, Padded Handles, and haul hoop for easy carriage, Umbrella /Water Bottle Pouch, and Zip Closure.


10. FASTRACK BLUE CASUAL BACKPACK – A water-proof backpack made from resilient authentic polyester material.

Why We Like It: The FastTrack range of backpacks is always attention-grabbing. This 3 compartmental backpack for women is spacious and it comes in bold colors that add vibrant energy and character. It is sturdy and can endure any climatic condition or terrain.
It is also laptop-compatible and features adjustable shoulder straps which help to distribute the laptop’s weight so it doesn’t get too heavy. Additionally, this bag also has a top handle attached to help with weight distribution. For ladies who keep lots of stuff inside their knapsacks, its multiple compartments offer ample space.


11. AMERICAN TOURISTER TEAL AND LIME CASUAL BACKPACK – The American Tourister range of laptop-compatible backpacks are designed to cater to all the requirements of the modern era, professional on-the-go with its intelligently crafted interiors and exteriors. This multilevel organiser backpack has some endearing features that will make you go for it without hesitation. It is manufactured from long-lasting polyester and nylon materials.

Why We Like It: Laptop backpacks by American Tourister are designed for both women and men. Ample padding offers optimal protection for phones, laptops, and other devices. It features multiple organizational pockets allowing for quick access to accessories like USB drives, water-bottles, umbrella, earphones, visiting cards, and pens. These backpacks come with intelligently positioned, well-padded shoulder straps which can be comfortably adjusted to suit much taller people. A unique feature of the American Tourister brand of backpacks is their well-crafted rear padding that minimizes the stress on the user’s spine. It is also water resistant and has a stylised rubber puller.


12. SKYBAGS FIGO 36 LITERS RED CASUAL BACKPACK – Are you looking to hit the college campus or even skip school for an exciting day out in the city, the stylish Skybags casual backpack for women is a must-have. It has lots of spaces for people who love to stick to details.

Why We Like It: This laptop-compatible, casual bag provides rain cover.Made from quality polyester fabric
It also comes with 3 spacious compartments for item storage, a front pocket, file compartment within main compartment, two bottle holders, pencil pocket, secret pocket, bottom zip with football holder to be fastened on either side, zippered organiser and a key holder. Well-padded bottom, pull up handle and shoulder straps for comfort. Comes with 12 months internationally warranty


13. SAFARI YAXIS BLUE CASUAL BACKPACK – This is a straight, upright, sincere, and honest backpack with great quality, features and high levels of comfort; you can’t go wrong with a Safari y-axis.

Why We Like It: This backpack for women is laptop compatible and comes with 1 compartment for storage.


14. PUMA STREET CAT HIGH RISK RED BACKPACK – This is a PUMA backpack. As a foremost sports brand, all PUMA products can stand on the same pedestal as the fastest sportsmen and women on the planet.
This stylish backpack is made from a tough polyester material.

Why We Like It: It comes with side mesh pockets, a two-way zip which opens into the main compartment, padded laptop compartment within the main compartment, webbing carry handle, padded base and back, PUMA Cat printed on the front.


15. TOMMY HILFIGER RED LAPTOP BACKPACK – This women’s backpack from a major lifestyle brand is manufactured with durable, red, water-proof, polyester material.

Why We Like It: It has a casual red & black contrasting design that looks fabulous and appealing.
This laptop compatible bag also features multiple pockets and large compartments which provide optimum space to accommodate most of your requisites.


16. SAFARI OVERALLS YELLOW CASUAL BACKPACK – This über cool backpack derives inspiration from the clothing style of overalls. It is a contemporary looking backpack that makes a statement with colors.

Why We Like It: This everyday backpack for women allows you to stay charged with its USB port while on the go.
It will also protect your stuff with its waterproof rain cover, its roomy front pocket, and a well-padded laptop compartment.


17. TOMMY HILFIGER TRAMP RED LAPTOP BACKPACK – This women’s backpack from a major lifestyle brand is manufactured with, water-proof polyester material with an iconic American design, legendary quality, and colors.

Why We Like It: A durable and stylish bag from Tommy Hilfiger with adjustable straps that offer immense comfort.
Its breathable cushioned back provides lumbar support. This cool backpack for women features a casual style with red and black contrast colors which look fabulous and appealing.


18. WILDCRAFT NYLON GREEN LAPTOP BAG – Multi-functional and stylish, the Hopper backpack is a multipurpose dual compartment bag. It is made from a water-proof nylon material.

Why We Like It: Its laptop sleeve, mesh pockets, and functional organizer make transportation of your gear to work easier. Designed with an extremely durable material, the Hopper backpack is sturdy and built to last.


19. AMAZON BASICS SPORTS BACKPACK – This backpack for women from AmazonBasics Sports comes with ample room which is suitable for an on-the-go schedule.It is made from 100% polyester and has a sturdy, abrasion-proof bottom panel.

Why We Like It: You can head to campus, the gym, or to your office with all the necessary equipment inside this handy backpack.
It features a small front pouch for storing your things separately, 2 water-bottle holders on the side, and a bottom pocket for keeping your shoes.


20. SKYBAGS GREY CASUAL BACKPACK – This stylish backpack for women is made from a long-lasting polyester outer material.

Why We Like It: Here is a trendy school backpack from Skybags that offers ample space and keeps your things organized.


21. WILDCRAFT HOPPER LAPTOP BACKPACK WITH INTERNAL ORGANIZER – A beautiful, green backpack for women made from durable polyester outer fabric.

Why we like it: A cushion padded back support system offers enhanced comfort while carrying. It also comes with an internal organizer for carrying memory cards, earphones, etc.


That’s all folks! Those are our curated selections of top backpacks for women on amazon India. Do check detailed product description on Amazon before buying the product.
We hope you’ve identified your new travel buddy from the best backpacks for women to help you plan for your next grand adventure!

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