We have seen the signs, noticed the changes and know the drill all too well by now. Winter is coming! This could mean a whole lot of blood and gore for the Stark family but thankfully all we need to be prepared for is giving our skin and hair a little extra love and care.
So what does that entail, you ask? We’re more than happy to share our secrets to making sure your skin and hair are in on your plans to look like a Winter Goddess.
1. I love Olive: Get this miracle oil out of your salad bowls and into your bath regimes. A cup or two of olive oil in your bathwater can do wonders. Or for extremely dry skin, you could massage some onto your skin at least 20 minutes before bath time. You could also change up your body wash and bring in some rich creamy shower gels.

2. Baby Soft Hands: Our hands often suffer the worse damage, so they definitely deserve a specialized product to ensure they’re well protected. Get a nourishing hand cream that goes on after a complete cleanse. A non-sticky range is best because we’re all busy and don’t have the time to wait till the product completely absorbs. This way, you can make sure your hands are well taken care of and you can be on the go in an instant.

3. A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: The dry winter air loves to steal moisture wherever it can find some. So make sure your hair has enough moisture and nutrition to go around! There’s a bunch of different air masks you could whisk up at home, complete with different oils mixed with various things you can find in your kitchen. Get recipes online and get mixing!

4. Screen your Skin from the Sun: Just because it’s winter and the sun is all the way in the southern hemisphere, that doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. The SPF can’t be MIA. Lather on generous amounts, it is your insurance policy against skin deterioration later in life.Trust us!

5. Safeguard yourself from Dandruff: All that dryness in the air can cause dandruff issues or cause your existing dandruff problems to escalate. So gear up with some moisturizing shampoos that will help you wage a war against those little flakes that bring joy to no one.

6. Pucker Up to Moisturize: An essential little stick of product that everyone needs to carry around is the humble yet super useful lip balm. Dry and cracked lips can spell doom for those lovely lip sticks you invested in. Cracked color swatches are not a sexy look for anyone. Not to mention, they hurt and bleed! So arm yourself with some of our favorites.

7. Boost your skin with some Vitamin E: The E in Vitamin E could stand for essential, excellent or effective and they’d all represent perfectly how good this stuff is for your skin! Did you know that products fortified with Vitamin E are more effective than those that aren’t?It is no wonder great brands have entire ranges of Vitamin E enriched products. And if you don’t have Vitamin E in your products, you can simply buy some capsules of it and mix them with your existing products to improve their efficacy! This is especially useful to do during winter months when your skin needs the mostcare.

8. Make way for Argan Oil: Another oil that should be on your list is Argan. Loaded with the benefits of Vitamin E, this non-greasy oil easily and quickly absorbs into your skin to ensure that it doesn’t cramp your style! A terrific natural moisturizer, Argan oil is a great soldier to have on your side in your war against the cold chilly winter air.

9. Update your Toner: Toners are either water based or alcohol based. If you’re using alcohol based toners, they’re sure to rob your skin of moisture whilst on their job. So at least for the winter, we advise you to switch to some water based toners that do their job without taking the moisture away from your skin.

10. Hair Serums are Lifesavers: We’re card-holding members of the hair serum community.This one simple product can have a profound effect on how your hair looks, feels and smells. If you aren’t already an ardent fan, we implore you to try one and we’re sure you’ll wonder how you lived all these years without it. Serums give your hair the extra boost of moisture that your hair is thirsting for. Be kind to your tresses and quench their thirst.

Although all the above products are excellent for your skin, we need you to know that the journey to good skin is both external and internal. So make sure you eat healthy so that the strength and glow can come from within. Also, avoid super hot showers (we know they’re tempting this time of the year) because they tend to dry the skin out. And ofcourse, follow that evergreen skin care advice; drink lots of water! As the temperatures drop, we suggest you make these small changes and watch your skin and hair sail through yet another winter unscathed.
As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on products that have been recommended.

Author: Team Hoppingo