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With Batiste Dry Shampoo, transform your look in an instant. It is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes. A few quick bursts leave hair looking clean and fresh with added body and texture. No water required!

Reviews by 3 Top Indian Influencers & Beauty Website
Peaches & Blush claims that the dry shampoo does what it says.  It temporarily freshens up hair and lends a decent amount of fluff. Having said that, it is not a substitute for the good old shampoo + conditioner routine. It is a good pick me up for the hair; however, it is highlighted that the effects do not last more than a day and the product would need re-applied the following day.
Beautiful Hamesha Blog suggests that it is a great way to achieve fresh hair without actually washing your hair. They believe it is  best used for quick fixes such as a greasy fringe. They also highlight that it is not as useful once the fair is extremely greasy (3-4 days after actual wash).
Ms Plain Spoken agrees with the above two blogs and thinks the dry shampoo help to add a slight lift and texture to the roots, without any stiffness (like certain hair sprays). It reduces greasiness and helps refresh the look of hair when one doesn’t have the time for a wash. They are by no means a substitute for actual shampoo but an emergency fix. Disadvantages being, they are quite mild so visible results can only be seen on limp or fine hair. I don’t think this will have any perceivable effect on thick/ heavy bodied hair.


Batiste Dry Shampoo is available at Amazon for INR 349.

Common FAQs on the Dry Shampoo

1. Is Batiste dry shampoo good for your hair?
Dry shampoo does not actually clean your hair. Instead, the starch and/or alcohol in the product absorbs the oil in your hair, making it look cleaner and fluffier. For most people, occasional use will not cause any problems. If you overuse dry shampoo, your hair may become more vulnerable to breakage.

2. How long does Batiste Dry Shampoo last?
It can last from a couple of hours to a full day depending on hair type.

3. What does Batiste Dry Shampoo do?
Batiste Dry Shampoo is an innovative formula that boosts body and helps eliminate oily roots, giving dull lifeless hair an instant makeover without water. A quick spray revitalizes hair leaving it looking and feeling clean, no drama.

4. How to use the dry shampoo?
Step 1. Hold the product four to six inches away from hair and spray it directly at the roots. Start where hair feels oiliest (for most women, that’s along the hairline, the nape of the neck, and the crown of the head), spritzing one section of hair at a time.
Step 2. Using your fingertips, massage the product into roots and scalp so that the oil-absorbing action can take place evenly across the head. For extra lift, try flipping your head upside down while massaging the product into hair.
Step 3. Smooth out hair with a brush or comb, or grab your hot tools for a restyle.

Our Verdict
In a nutshell, if you do not have time for a hair wash this is the next best thing. It does not take long to apply and no water is required. Batiste has many options to choose from – Travel & full sized, Regular & scented, White & brown tinted. A cheat every girl should have to get her out of sticky (or greasy) situations!

For (+)

Against (-)

Great quick fix for emergencies

Temporary, not a substitute for hair wash

Easy to apply, saves time

May not work for extremely oily hair

Brown tinted variant available

Leaves white cast if not applied properly

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