Our love for bedazzling extends from head to toe! Whether it is spending a lazy day on the beach or dancing the night away at the bestie’s sangeet, a great foot accessory can add that extra oomph to your already glam self.  Every accessory collection is incomplete if you don’t give your feet the TLC they need.
We already know that women are lovers and hoarders of all kinds of accessories. But they also love to be trendsetters! And the Indian tradition of payals, toe rings and more have inspired the world to deck up their feet and show off their great taste. Inspired from ethnic Indian jewelry, these foot accessories aren’t just for ethnic outfits, they complement a wide range of clothes from skirts to maxi gowns to shorts and more. They also look great on bare feet, can be worn with a variety of footwear, and make your feet stand out.
The best part? You can either choose to add a hint of sparkle or go overboard with layers of chains, stones and more. You cannot go wrong here. Just listen to your heart and work at making your feet happy.
Although pretty foot accessories are so popular, but we wanted to show you some lovely pieces that had our jaws dropping.

What do you think? Do you think it’s exorbitantly priced?
This feet accessory is unique too and hence we decided to add it right here

Author: Team Hoppingo