In September of 2015, Swati Gauba, founder of Hoppingo was searching online for certain items and discovered that the process was perplexing and time consuming.

She decided there must be a better option.

And so, motivated and financed by her optimism and determination, she founded Hoppingo.

Welcome to Hoppingo – the go to blog for all things related to online shopping. Welcome to Hoppingo – the go to blog for all things related to online shopping. It’s free and accessible to all shoppers.

We track all the best consumer product breakthroughs to show you what’s fresh, what’s trending and how these products can improve your life.

We are a platform committed to offering unbiased suggestions to our consumers from the vast online shopping landscape. From choosing home decor, cosmetics and fashion items, to lifestyle products and gift ideas, we are constantly on your side.

We provide you with information, recommendations, and tools which will help you to decide on what to purchase, where to purchase.

We monitor shopping trends to keep ourselves informed about what influencers are recommending and if any product looks promising, you will find it on Hoppingo.

Each month, lots of trend setting individuals visit Hoppingo to:

  • Discover products that are suitable for them
  • Read articles that showcase the hottest new products and online stores.

What makes us tick? It is the fact that all our teams operate independent of each other.

Each product recommendation is made exclusively by our team of editors, writers and product curators without any input from our business team and our editors are never part of any business dealings; which means we are working entirely on your behalf, and no one else -therefore, you are always assured of getting the best possible advice.

Our advice helps you to be more decisive in your purchases; our articles tackle common consumer challenges to make lives of everyone involved easier, more straightforward and safer; our recommendations are designed to prioritize our consumers’ needs, and offer them better value.

We acknowledge firsthand that your time and money are valuable; which explains why our website does the heavy lifting on your behalf and provides you with information and options that are most popular and trending.

We remain in business because product vendors pay us an incentive whenever you make a purchase.

We help you find the perfect online shopping buys at a click of a button.

Clicking on any product on Hoppingo shopping catalogue will provide a link directing you to an online retailer from where you will be able to complete your purchase.

In today’s digital first world, our work here at Hoppingo is a lot of fun as new products and online shopping sites launch every single day.

If you like what you see, share your experience with other people and help us reach out to more online shoppers!