6 Useful Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Into Smart Home

Swati Gauba

Let's move beyond smartphones and even automated garages. It is the era of the smart home and cool gadgets play a massive role in elevating your space.

Not only do gadgets make your life easier but they also make you feel much cooler. Everyone can own that jazzy car but it takes a certain amount of sophistication to own a gadget. While on one hand decluttering the house and mind is a trend that’s being witnessed worldwide but on the other hand, people are buying more and more gadgets. Smart homes are a reality, today. We’ve compiled a list of 6 cool gadgets that will up the hi-tech factor of your home.


Motion Detector - Energy conservation is the need of the hour and this product helps you achieve that.  You can now enter your bathroom and not worry about the dark as the lights turn on automatically when you enter. Isn’t that so cool? our guest will be super impressed if they know you own this super awesome smart home device.


A robotic cleaner that runs automatically around the home to absorb the dust and dirt with a microfiber tissue, which can be removed to clean.


Front door peephole security camera helps you keep an alert before opening the door.



Amazon Echo voice assistance is the latest cool. Get your own amazon echo


A Wifi IP CCTV camera that you can remotely access on your smartphone. Safety is prime and a camera that can be accessed through your smartphone is more a necessity.  


This wireless motion detector that you can mount on the ceiling of the room.


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