5 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn’t Know You Could Buy!

Avil Porwal

It has rightly been said that “Necessity is the mother of invention” Who doesn’t love a good invention? Especially clever and practical clothing items that make life hassle free and more comfortable. Here is a list of some cool clothing inventions that do just that.

Secret Stash Scarf

The secret stash scarf is a lightweight scarf with hidden pocket. It gives you an unexpected place to guard your valuables. The pocket is big enough to hold passports, mobile phones, keys credit cards, ID cards and cash.



Keysocks are no-show socks that work well with all types of shoes be it flats, heels or booties. They are the perfect solution to allow you to be stylish and comfortable, day or night.


Wrist Wallet

Wrist wallets are the extra pocket you wish you had. They are perfect for working out, shopping, running, biking, travelling and more. You can use them as phone holders or for keeping cash, cards and keys.


Waist Extenders

Waist extenders can be used to extend your trousers, jeans or skirt by 1/2" to 2". The easy fit hooks give you extra room in the mid-section.


Ponytail Headband

This stylish and innovative product is made to wick moisture to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your workout while also keeping your hair in place.


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