10 Adorable New Born Baby Products

Swati Gauba
The moments that follow birth of a newborn are once in a lifetime experience and no new parent would want them to end. From the first time the newly born opens his eyes to his first smile, everything is going to mean the world to them and they wouldn't want to compromise on any things that their little one might need.

Here is the list of products every new born needs, carefully chosen by our expert curating team:


1. The hooded bath robe to wrap your baby in cozy warmth and love after a refreshing bubble bath.

2. A baby cot, where the baby is about to spend some major amount of time in his toddler years, is perfect for your toddler.


3. A functional booster seat that allows toddlers to sit at the table. Dinner with family is a must afterall.


4. Baby outfits for the baby parties that'll soon follow. Your baby will be the center of attraction.

5. A cuteness alert to all the vehicles that are being driven adjacent/behind you.


6. Your baby might take some time to adapt to the outside environment. Hence, we recommend this baby carrier. It ensures maximum comfort and safety with a reinforced backrest.


7. The diaper bag is a must have. It has spacious interiors wherein you can easily stuff everything ranging from milk bottle to diapers to towels.


8. A car seat is another must have. This car seat cum carry cot is packed with safety features and extra comforts for your little one. 


9. A baby monitor offers all the essential functions for parents to see the baby constantly, and stay in contact both when indoors and as well as outdoors. 


10. Taking stroll with your little one in the city can be tricky. That's where a comfy stroller comes in.


I am sure there are many more things that can be added to the list. Here are a few more that we absolutely love. Indulge is the word.

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